My expertise is in mentoring and coaching (for businesses) and I was able to connect and contribute to social enterprises for the underprivileged. Through such platforms, we can energise and leverage on each other’s strengths.

A UTAMA, Business Consultant

This conference has reminded me of this larger Eco-system of Impact Investors beyond social entrepreneurship.


It is eye-opening  to meet people from various backgrounds, to connect and make a difference in the community.

CAROL ONG, Teacher

Like-minded people with a similar vision (fighting poverty through enterprise) need to stay connected and this is a great platform to do so.

FABIANO FRANZ, Business owner

It was great to meet other business owners and talk about the same challenges we face in our industry. It helps remind us that we are not facing these problems alone.

JOHN AUXILLOS, Business owner

We run accelerator programs throughout Africa and Asia, and TBN Asia Conferences allows us to be able to collaborate with other partners and supporters of social enterprise.

MICHAEL HOFFMAN, Program Director

This is very unique platform which is able to bring together different stakeholders to foster connections to create impact.

MR CLIFFORD EU, COO of Eu Yan Sang International

There are many opportunities to get people to connect and accomplish things at TBN.

MR SUNIT SHRESTHA, Founder & Managing Director of ChangeFusion Thailand