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About Leaderonomics

Leaderonomics is a leadership development organisation based in Malaysia that began with the purpose of transforming nations through leadership development. We believe that leaders from all communities can profoundly affect the social and economic health of their nation. With that social purpose in our DNA, we grew to become a self-sustaining social enterprise gaining vast experience in working with children, youth, university students, all levels of employees, management, and senior leaders to help them discover and hone their leadership abilities.

We have been creating a culture where people lead with courage, agility, and love since 2008, and we continue to embrace opportunities that allow us to creatively develop leaders in an ever-changing world of new technology and global trends. This is done through our Corporate, Community, and Content channels.

To find out more, visit our corporate website: www.leaderonomics.org.

Garden Impact Investing

Poverty stifles talents, suffocates freedom of choice and snuffs out hope.

At Garden Impact Investments, we believe that the marginalised should not let poverty rob them of their true potential to flourish. Inherent in every human being is a capacity to create and produce in a dignified manner. The key to unlock this potential lies in poverty alleviation measures that holistically address not just some, but all of the issues at play in the lives of the afflicted individuals. Enterprises have the unique ability of connecting marginalised communities to value chains and the wider market, enabling an exchange of fair compensation for quality goods and services.

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TBN East Africa


We believe in the potential of entrepreneurs to lead with integrity, to scale their businesses exponentially and to create jobs and prosperity for all.


Through our global network, we catalyse purpose-driven entrepreneurs, help build impactful businesses and unlock investments in emerging and frontier markets.


We seek to purpose-driven investors and entrepreneurs who want to challenge the status quo.

Purpose – We seek to serve mankind not ourselves. We steward resources and create prosperity for our family, our community and our nation.

Passion – We dream big and take risks because we want to see poverty ended in our lifetime.

Perseverance – We keep going despite obstacles and discouragement.

Integrity – We have the courage to do the right thing no matter what the consequences.

Humility – We know we can’t achieve this alone and so we journey together.

Curiosity – We are hungry to learn from others and try new ideas.

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AffordAble Abodes

AffordAble Abodes Sdn Bhd strives to promote the construction of environmentally-sound, low-cost housing for the disadvantaged around the world. Our mission is to empower the less fortunate to provide a home and livelihood for themselves and their families.

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Kuzuko Lodge

Kuzuko Community

The vision for Kuzuko Lodge was to create a world class game lodge that would create an interdependent relationship between conservation, job creation and social transformation.

Kuzuko believes in treating all its employees with dignity and respect. We have set new standards in staff housing, wages, working conditions, insurance and share ownership through a Workers Trust. We are committed to the training, up skilling and personal development of our staff. Added to this, Kuzuko has partnered with Umzi Wethu (in Cathcart), a pioneering programme set up by the Wilderness foundation, where young adults from broken backgrounds are selected for an eighteen-month course for ecotourism jobs.

The Kuzuko Foundation has been established to promote job creation, access to health care and education to the local communities who suffer under unemployment and poverty in the area. We employ and train staff from the local communities and we support the Umzi Wethu training programme. What a privilege to see these young people developing in confidence and stature.

Kuzuko has had the pleasure of employing some of these graduates and we are proud to play a part in the growth and development of their self-confidence and experience as they forge a new career and a new future.

Through the Foundation we have managed to retain a nursing sister to conduct monthly visits to the area. We support two local farm schools with transport for their learners, maintenance to their facilities and other small necessities, and we conduct and fund educational school visits from our disadvantaged communities to the lodge.

Most of the lodge’s fresh produce is purchased from local farmers or is grown by our staff and their families.

Our efforts have made a real difference in the lives of our local communities. And it is this difference which infuses our staff with the friendliness that makes a visit to Kuzuko an unforgettable, heart-warming experience.

Please contact foundation@kuzuko.com for more information on how you can get involved with the Kuzuko Foundation and make a difference.

“Umzi Wethu is a holistic approach to conservation and job creation, enabling social, economic and spiritual transformation for young South Africans who are currently experiencing endemic poverty, orphan hood and high vulnerability often as a consequence of the HIV AIDS pandemic affecting Southern Africa. It has been pioneered in Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape.”

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Volunteer at Ashia Cheetah Conservation.

Have you ever wanted to travel to Africa, get hands-on experience with animals, work on a farm, and meet likeminded people? Do you crave new experiences, or wish to support endangered animals? Come and join us in our volunteer programmes, at Ashia!

With our volunteer programmes, you’ll have a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Make memories, meet friends and support our cause!

Our volunteer programmes allow you to volunteer with us for as long as you like.


Help Release Cheetahs Into The Protected Wild

Ashia’s Wilding and Release Project, financed and managed by Ashia Cheetah Conservation NPC, went into operation in September 2018 with the release of a captive born female cheetah onto Kuzuko, a 15,000ha private game reserve in the Eastern Cape.

Our conservation efforts primarily focus on the wilding and introduction of captive-bred cheetahs into the protected wild and actively and financially supporting other ethical and sustainable initiatives and programmes aimed at the same objectives in order to secure a viable cheetah metapopulation in South Africa and prevent the further decline of the cheetah population.

Several cheetahs are earmarked each year for wilding and release onto Private Game Reserves in South Africa.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get involved in a ground-breaking Conservation Programme! You will first work alongside our staff to get the necessary experience and training for your volunteering time in the field of South African Game Reserves. Depending on the stage of the yearly release efforts you will either assist in accompanying the cheetahs to the reserve, help with their settling in during boma periods or later monitor and record their movements, behaviour as well as hunting and breeding successes. Additionally, you will support the game reserve’s predator team with boma, fence and general reserve maintenance or bush clearing. During educational sessions, you will gain a deeper insight into Cheetah Conservation and other wildlife on the reserve.

Interested volunteers should be available for at least a 3-4 week period to be able to spend at least a week in a game reserve. The field of work you will be involved in can require a lot of driving, so volunteers should ideally hold an international driver’s license.

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