Workshop Trainers

Kim Pong is the CEO and Founder of StrengthsAsia and created the REFRAME program that helps people discover their strengths, find their passion, and play their best role. StrengthsAsia has one of the largest strengths-based coaching platforms in Asia.

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Wayne Chia co-founded and helped to run and grow digital company, Techsailor, until it was acquired by TO THE NEW Digital. He is part of Asia P3 Hub, Asia’s first multi-sector partnership incubator as well as the Senior Advisor to TBN Asia.

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Casper Ng oversees the engagement of the SE ecosystem which includes the SE membership base of raiSE, and various partners and stakeholders who help contribute to the development of the sector. He also spearheads capacity building efforts with the aim of growing sustainable and impactful SEs.

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Erwin Chan designs innovation and entrepreneurial capacity building programmes at raiSE that activates the Social Entrepreneur’s Head, Heart & Hands for transformation. He is a Certified Instructor for “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” for new venture creation.

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