The mission of Al-Ashriyyah Nurul Iman Islamic Boarding School is to instil in its students love, virtue, character, and a capacity to care about others—in other words, to make them exemplary Muslims. With this mission, it is no surprise that ‘Nurul Iman’ means radiant faith, dazzling belief, or bright light of conviction.

When the Buddha’s compassion is combined with such “radiant faith,” the School is immersed in Great Love, the universal expression of love that is shared among all religions.

The school strongly believes in developing enterprises to ensure sustainability for the work done through the school, and through the wide variety of enterprises in the compound, the school has also developed many batches of young entrepreneurs.

Through an intimate guided walking tour of the compound, witness the beautiful confluence of two religions serving kids from destitute families through the provision of free quality education, boarding, and work experiences to prepare them for the challenges beyond school.

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